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Faye P.

Paducah, KY


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Nominated By: Michelle W.

Why is Faye the Center of Your Universe?

My mom is my rock! She has always been there for me always. The good the bad the ugly. She has seen it all. Supported me in every single way even if she didn’t agree. She helps me with taking my son to all his appointments and to and from school every day. She recently had her defibrillator replaced and it hasn’t slowed her down a bit. She also just celebrated her 50th wedding anniversary with my dad. She deserves only the best always. She has taught me to be who I am today and I am proud of that. She is very active in our church with the children’s ministry. They kidddos love Mrs. Faye! She is my universe and I don’t know what I would do without her! Love her and want her to know how much I appreciate everything she does for me!!

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Tammy Shumaker  Avatar
Tammy Shumaker  Avatar
Tammy Shumaker
- August 27, 2018 20:43
Sweet lady

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