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Jimmy M.

Irvine, KY


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Nominated By: Meghan M.

Why is Jimmy the Center of Your Universe?

Jim is center of my universe because he constantly works to better himself and pushes me to do the same. He is selfless in his love for myself and our family and never hesitates to give us the push we need. He never asks for more than I can give, and takes what I can give him with a loving heart. I went back to school 2 years ago and he never hesitated to step in and be both parents. Jim balances me and keeps me grounded and does the same for our boys. I couldn’t ask for a better partner in life.

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Donna Isfort  Avatar
Donna Isfort  Avatar
Donna Isfort
- August 22, 2018 23:53
Great family man . Honest and works hard ! Adores his wife and lives his children ! He is very deserving !
Charlotte Arvin Avatar
Charlotte Arvin Avatar
Charlotte Arvin
- August 23, 2018 22:06
Jim is an amazing son, husband & father!! I love him dearly!!!

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