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Guy H.

Cincinnati, OH


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Nominated By: Rebekah G.

Why is Guy the Center of Your Universe?

He is my best friend. I can be myself, in sickness and in health he accepts me. He is smart, funny, kind and giving. I never knew that it was possible to for me to love another so deeply and completely. He has sacrificed so much for me, as I would for him. His mere existance, that someone else would ever put me first feels like proof that God exists. I have been through so much in my life, so many bad situations and worse be with him brings a calmness to my soul; an inner peace previously unattainable. I am 43 and finally know what love is. He works so hard and so much...I only want to show him how special and appreciated he is. He expects nothing...asks for nothing...doesn't keep "score"... I always want to do anything that I can for him. He takes care of me when I am sick and makes me laugh. He makes me feel like I am filled with sunshine. He is my other half, my better half.

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