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Kim L.

Cincinnati, OH


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Nominated By: Nikki L.

Why is Kim the Center of Your Universe?

I am nominating Kim because she cares for so many individuals of each generation she is a part of. Her father has been diagnosed with Parkinson's Dementia and has recently progressed to the Severe stage. She has been assisting with caregiving for many years and has the best intentions and biggest heart. She also cares for her husband who has undergone a total knee replacement as well as an Achilles repair. I (her daughter) rely on her as an emergency contact. she has to listen to me vent but always lends an ear and puts things into prospective. Lastly, she assists with caretaking of her 2 grandchildren. they look to her for love and affection. Kim juggles all of these personal tasks while maintaining a professional career. She assists with eye surgeries and is as loving and caring to her patients as she is to her family. she is not only the center of my universe, but everyone else's as well. we would be lost without her. she never takes time for herself or is recognized for her willingness to help. i am honored to nominate such an amazing person and even more proud to call her Mom.

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cierra Avatar
cierra Avatar
- August 08, 2018 19:06
voting for Kim!
angela Avatar
angela Avatar
- August 08, 2018 19:23
voted for kim!
Amy Edwards Avatar
Amy Edwards Avatar
Amy Edwards
- August 09, 2018 12:03
Glad to vote :)
Danna Avatar
Danna Avatar
- August 08, 2018 23:33
Love you more than ever nana!
Ed lichtenfeld Avatar
Ed lichtenfeld Avatar
Ed lichtenfeld
- August 09, 2018 12:56
Kim is the love of my life and the rock of our family
jessie rose  Avatar
jessie rose  Avatar
jessie rose
- August 13, 2018 13:44
Jammie Jackson Avatar
Jammie Jackson Avatar
Jammie Jackson
- August 17, 2018 22:42
She is awesome and has my vote
jammie Avatar
jammie Avatar
- September 06, 2018 11:43
Vote for Kim!!!!!!!!
Teresa Meyer Avatar
Teresa Meyer Avatar
Teresa Meyer
- September 06, 2018 11:58
Amazing person....Please consider her, cannot think of a more deserving person. She has my vote!

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