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John T.

Cincinnati, OH


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Nominated By: Emily R.

Why is John the Center of Your Universe?

John is the center of my universe. When we met 2 ½ years ago, I was cynical, guarded, and felt like I’d given up on a lot. But over time, he has shown me that I don’t have to carry so much weight on my shoulders. He has shown me the good things I deserve and not only encouraged my dreams, but dreamed them right alongside me. John is impressively focused and disciplined. He reigns me in where I need it, and balances me out in a way that makes my world less chaotic and more whole. I’m blessed to have found a center of my universe who accepts me just as I am, but also strives to make my life better every day.

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Malinda Legg Avatar
Malinda Legg Avatar
Malinda Legg
- August 02, 2018 20:13
John has been my director for 2 years. He has helped immensely with my success in a very difficult role at our company. He has coached and guided me through all of the ups and downs the position naturally entails. John is always very supportive at work and makes sure to create a culture in our department of fun and excellent work life balance. Thank you John for making my universe better!
Daniel Legg Avatar
Daniel Legg Avatar
Daniel Legg
- August 02, 2018 20:16
John has been a great director of his team.

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