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Pam O.

Eaton, OH


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Nominated By: Courtney O.

Why is Pam the Center of Your Universe?

My mom is the center of my universe! She is funny, kind and most importantly my sister and I's biggest fan. She's strong, independent and has shown me over the last 28 years, how important family is and that you have to keep your universe going...

We lost our rock, her mom and our grandma, in 2012 after a hard-fought battle with cancer. To this day, I can remember my mom, aunt, uncle and cousins - all of us - being there in the hospital room as we all held our grandma's hands tight and said our heartfelt goodbyes to the one who was truly was the center of our Universe for so long.

While it felt like our Universe was breaking at that very moment, my mom and aunt have truly kept it going strong. Birthday texts, calls and cards to every sibling/cousin are never forgotten, Christmas Eve and holidays are always celebrated, and every single one of us shares photos with each other as we try to recreate our grandma's amazing Filipino food. Thank you to my mom (and aunt) for truly valuing our family, and being the Center of our Universe.

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