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Ashley T.

Cincinnati, OH


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Nominated By: Cameron T.

Why is Ashley the Center of Your Universe?

My mom, Ashley, has been and will always be the center of my universe - not only as a guiding example of love and faith - but as a lifelong inspiration, driving me to be my best and most true self everyday. Almost three years ago, she passed away from her fight with cancer. This immediately shattered the experience of family that my dad, brother, and I had constituted, positioning her at our center. Over those three years, the woman who was my best friend for seventeen has continued to show me the importance of every moment I have, every relationship I have the opportunity to make, and the love I show to every person in my life. Because of Ashley, I'm able to wake up every day, good or bad, with a smile on my face, knowing that her example of a life well lived is a constant aspiration that I can only hope to achieve.

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