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Kathie D.

Cincinnati, OH


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Nominated By: Andrea D.

Why is Kathie the Center of Your Universe?

My mom embodies the whole message of this campaign - she is the family nucleus – the one that keeps the world spinning for everyone on it. She puts 100% into everything she does and makes sure everyone around her is ok, often at the expense of her own needs. She has always held a demanding job, but still found time to be at every school event, soccer game and dance recital. She researched and planned yearly vacations for the extended family and was at my grandparent’s every weekend tending to their technology issues. This woman has literally given us the clothes off her back when ours got dirty or uncomfortable. When she was diagnosed with cancer at 37, she never let us worry and pulled through just as she promised.

13 years after being declared cancer-free, my dad was handed a terminal cancer diagnosis. My mom faced insurmountable odds with, “what can we do” rather than defeat. She was with him at every treatment, every surgery, every transplant, every week-long ICU visit. She fed him every meal through his GI tube, took care of all the bandages and made sure he got every pill. She never let him, or my sister and I, know she was scared and for 14 months she never gave up hope. From a stage 4 cancer diagnosis to hospice care and every hellish detail in between - she got us all through it.

She shouldn’t be a widow in her 50s, she should be getting ready to enjoy retirement with the love of her life. She has never blamed anyone or pitied herself – she makes the best of every position she is in. She is a real life super hero, I have no idea what I’d do without her – and there are so, so, so many people who would say the same.

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