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Amanda S.

Cincinnati, OH


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Nominated By: Dan A.

Why is Amanda the Center of Your Universe?

My wife, Mandy, is the center of my universe. We met in college over 15 years ago through mutual friends, and immediately bonded over our love of writing, music and cloaking our social anxiety in aloof (self-perceived) coolness. It was honest-to-God cheesy movie "you're my missing piece" kind of stuff. We felt whole, we felt understood - maybe for the first time in our lives - and we felt excited about the future and the life we were going to build together.

Life's biggest decisions have always just felt easy with Mandy. Saying "I love you" for the first time, moving in together, getting married, buying a house, starting a family. All of these things were just another adventure to enjoy together.

We've shared nearly half of our lives with each other at this point. We've traveled together, grown together and created together. We've laughed, cried, failed, succeeded, challenged one another, supported one another and pushed each other to be better people.

Together we created life, in the form of our daughter Penelope. Penny is the smartest, most hilarious, weird and loving human being that I've ever had the pleasure to meet. She's our best friend, our partner in crime and the reason we keep on keepin' on. In hindsight, she's the reason we built this life together in the first place.

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