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Tony P.

Toledo, OH


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Nominated By: Cindy P.

Why is Tony the Center of Your Universe?

Tony is my husband of 36 years. He is a kind hearted, Godly man. Almost three years ago, he felt called by God to pastor a church. The church is unlike other churches in that the congregation is made up of older adults who were feeling unwanted and uncared for. The thrust now in many churches is to attract young adults at the expense of older church members. At New Creation Community Church, the members feel valued for their talents and have an opportunity to use them to serve God. In addition, my husband started a Bible Study at Kingston, an assisted living facility. People who attend say they have never heard the scriptures explained in a way they understood them so fully until now. In addition, my husband and I have a son still living in the home, who is disabled. My husband runs him around to doctor appointments and patiently helps him with his computer, which he seems to crash quite frequently. He always willingly includes my recently widowed mother in all of our week-end day trips and always finds special ways to pamper me. I never have to pump my own gas and it's not uncommon for me to come home to a bouquet of flowers for no reason at all. I feel so blessed to have this man in my life and thank God for him every single day!

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