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Judy M.

Wapakoneta, OH


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Nominated By: Sharon M.

Why is Judy the Center of Your Universe?

Judy is my sister, cancer survivor. She was diagnosed one month after I was diagnosed with cancer. Taking my sister to her radiation and chemo Treatments help me take my mind off myself. She fought hard and won the battle. Three months prior to our diagnosis, our mother had passed. Judy was our stable. I have three brothers. Judy took the situation in hand. She had always been a care taker in our family, help raise us, our second mother, and still is. She severed in the U.S. Navy. Judy is a born again Christian. Her and I both knew it was God's strength and courage that lead us. He held us up when we were weak. He healed all wounds. He is my sister's and my" center of the universe." Our guide, our savior, and friend.

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