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Robert V.

Paducah, KY


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Nominated By: Shannon C.

Why is Robert the Center of Your Universe?

Both my parents are the Center of my universe! They have been together for 53 years and still going strong, showing love, compassion and a commitment to strong family values. A few years ago our universe was rocked at it's core when my dad found out he had cancer. Through our Faith and guidance of medical professionals we have went from a 6 month life expectancy to the threshold of 5 years. My dad is far from cancer free because it had spread to so many different areas. But through hope, faith and the healing care we have received from Mercy Health Lourdes and their team my dad still thrives as the Foundation and core of our Universe making wonderful memories and giving love even on his worst of days. Because to him we are the moon, stars, sun and galaxy as he is to us.

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