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Maurice S.

Denver, IN


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Nominated By: Renee L.

Why is Maurice the Center of Your Universe?

My Dad is amazing at 86 years old, this man never stops! He joined the Navy to be a medic and realized he could become a doctor. First in his family to attend college. Went to college/Med School full time while raising a family and working multiple jobs to provide. (he was even told by the med school counselor that they usually don't accept married men into the program because it is a distraction, this was a LONG time ago) He went on the become a family practitioner in a small rural farm area and become "Doc" to a tight knit community practicing as the coroner, GP, obstetrician and general surgeon. He practiced until he was 71 and the community still ask when he's coming back to work. After some health scares with a Quadruple bypass and both knees replaced, he still rides his bike and takes a 3-4 mile walk every day, mows the lawn and does all his own home/machine maintenance. He and my beautiful mother have been married for over 60 years!! I will forever be in awe of his commitment to becoming something/someone he has always dreamed about and he instilled in his 4 children that anything is possible with hard work!! Love this man!

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Jami Sixbey Avatar
Jami Sixbey Avatar
Jami Sixbey
- September 24, 2018 16:07
Dad is the smartest Physician I have known.

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