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Michael K.

Spriingfield , OH


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Nominated By: Jeana B.

Why is Michael the Center of Your Universe?

I am nominating my husband Michael, who is a type 1 diabetic, full-time USPS letter carrier, Army veteran, amputee, and by-far the kindest person I’ve ever met.
Michael walks over 12 miles a day on an 1/2 amputated foot and never complains. Everyday, he puts others before him, whether it be at work, singing in church choir, helping students with special needs or cooking amazing dinners each evening for our family. He is the definition of kind, and I thank God for blessing me and my children with his selflessness.
If anyone needs a spa day, it’s this man. One who carries 50 lb mail bags each day, no matter the weather, to make sure we get our parcels. One who cooks dinner every night, because he finds joy in that. One who has served our country and continues to serve his family. He is the definition of decent, kind and good. I would love to surprise this man, who expects nothing, with a weekend of relaxation and rest.

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