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Pauline S.

Tipp City, OH


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Nominated By: Andrea S.

Why is Pauline the Center of Your Universe?

I am nominating my grandma Polly. She truly is the center of our entire world. She is 89 years old and will soon celebrate her 90th birthday this November. Even at 89 years old she is a pillar of strength. She is kind, loving, and patient with everyone she meets. She selflessly gives and never asks for a thing in return, even though she deserves the world. She recently suffered a stroke and was hospitalized for nearly a week, but never once did it slow her down. She continued to be more concerned about her youngest great grandson's cold than her own battles. My grandmother is my keeper of secrets, my lighthouse in the dark, and has always been there for me when my own parents weren't. She has never once judged me or asked any questions. She has provided me and my children with unconditional love when we haven't always deserved it, and has always offered advice when it was needed the most.

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