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Brendan&Bryce M.

Toledo, OH


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Nominated By: Cheryl M.

Why is Brendan&Bryce the Center of Your Universe?

These are my 37 yr. old twins who have survived being 2 lbs, 15 oz, each, identical, mirrors! In the hospital 3 months, Dx. CP, seizure disorder, VP shunt, have had at least 100 syrgeries to date, they love life, love people, family, friends, bowling, travelingetc. They do not like staying at home! What do they want for Christmas every year ? Family, not presents, people over !! They have been fairly healthy the past few years. But they are my heroes cause they have been in so much pain in their life , I could not stand it but they are troupers , OMG, now that they are 37 it’s not easier but they understand more !! So they are the center of mine and my family’s universe and everyone that meets them! They are just wonderful men who love God and life !!

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