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Kayla A.

Found , KY


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Nominated By: Cindy A.

Why is Kayla the Center of Your Universe?

Kayla is a young lady that suffered years with seizures. Medication could not control them so brain surgery was her only option. The surgery to remove multiple parts of her brain was a success in stopping the seizures but also revealed cancer cells called a DNET. She had many MRIs and oncology appointments but has finally been cleared to once a year visits. On top of dealing with all of that she had to endure multiple kayla kidney stones and two surgeries in relation to that. You'd think that would put a damper on ones outlook. Not that girl. Her friends always comment on how she's the girl that's always smiling. She loves and appreciates life. She spends many hours volunteering in multiple organizations to serve others. She is truly an inspiration and is undoubtedly the center of my universe.

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