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Brenda D.

Willard , OH


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Nominated By: Denise S.

Why is Brenda the Center of Your Universe?

My bff is my universe. I had a failed back surgery, became an invalid. She bathed, fed, walked, changed, lifted me and more. Years of learning, she gave up her time to help me while raising two young children. She sacrificed all to put me back together. Still continues to help while I have undergone more surgeries. Takes a true BFF to step up, especially when a complete invalid. She made me whole again. I can always depend on her as she has moved mountains for me and my health. She is indeed My Saving Grace. I would have never improved this much had it not been for her!

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Brenda Schuller-Daniel Avatar
Brenda Schuller-Daniel Avatar
Brenda Schuller-Daniel
- August 31, 2018 10:05
I am completely humbled by this nomination. I have acted as any friend would and as Denise has for others. I love you (Denise) as if we were blood related...even more. Our friendship has been the best thing to ever happen to me. 30 years and counting:) My life would be incomplete without you. I will carry you through any battle you face and be proud and honored to be by your side; always.

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