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Charly, Addy, Ben F. Avatar

Charly, Addy, Ben F.

Moscow, OH


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Nominated By: Rhonda F.

Why is Charly, Addy, Ben the Center of Your Universe?

These three beautiful little people are my adorable grandchildren. They have brought back the wonderment of joy in my life. When the daily struggles of life bring me down I simply watch them and realize how amazing life really is. They make me see the things I missed when I was so busy working and raising my children. They are amazing people.

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Janice Block Avatar
Janice Block Avatar
Janice Block
- August 29, 2018 18:32
They are the greatest. It's wonderful to have them to make your day a joy.
Ronald Block Avatar
Ronald Block Avatar
Ronald Block
- August 29, 2018 18:37
They are all very special people

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