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Sharon W.

Irvine, KY


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Nominated By: Courtney H.

Why is Sharon the Center of Your Universe?

My mom is the center of my universe. She is always putting others before herself. She is dedicated to her family, church, community and work. Not only is she mine and my sister's rock but she is also so many of her employees role model and friend. She truly cares about everyone. She deserves to be recognized for all she does. I feel she is never truly off or on vacation. She also attends all types of community events and festivals in surrounding counties to perform carotid ultrasounds. I’m proud to say that I am her daughter. She is an amazing woman that goes above and beyond!!

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Dana Stepp Avatar
Dana Stepp Avatar
Dana Stepp
- August 28, 2018 13:57
Sharon Whitaker is a leader that constantly extends the healing ministry of Jesus to all that she comes in contact with.
susan starling Avatar
susan starling Avatar
susan starling
- August 28, 2018 15:20
Truly dedicated to the Missin of Mercy!
Tom Whitaker Avatar
Tom Whitaker Avatar
Tom Whitaker
- August 28, 2018 18:11
Dedicated to helping people. Employed by Marcum & Wallace for 43 years, never hesitates to volunteer for projects both for the hospital, community or church.
Traci Stone Avatar
Traci Stone Avatar
Traci Stone
- August 29, 2018 12:06
I can testify to the fact that Sharon is dedicated to her job and to her community, as well as her family, church and friends. She is a great person to know, and a good friend!
Lillian Miller Avatar
Lillian Miller Avatar
Lillian Miller
- August 30, 2018 01:35
Sharon truly cares about her patients, her employees, and truly Marcum and Wallace Hospital. She is what our cores values are all about.

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