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Karl R.

Canton, OH


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Nominated By: Kim R.

Why is Karl the Center of Your Universe?

Karl Roshong is the center of my universe because he is the most dedicated, loving, caring, and hard-working husband and father who has sacrificed himself and his time to take care of me and our family. He never complains although I know in his heart that he would much rather be home just enjoying life. His frequent phrase when I complain about him not being home enough is “It needs to be done.”
For the last eleven years Karl has been working a part-time second job so that we could send our sons to college. He works up to sixty-five hours a week and has missed out on a great deal of family time and events all to provide the funds to pay student loans and assist them financially, when necessary.
Karl was such a loving son to his dad especially when he, at 95 years old, became ill and needed a great deal of care while still living in his own home. Karl made sure his dad got to all of his appointments, both doctor and chemo treatments, kept up on home maintenance tasks, made sure he had groceries/meals and managed his finances.
Karl was also there for me and my parents when their health diminished. He was always there to help with tasks that needed attention around their home, assisting me with their care without complaint, helped to pack up their home when they needed to enter a skilled nursing facility and evening spent his birthday helping me to admit my mom to the skilled nursing facility, a difficult day for all of us.
I recently lost both of my parents due to extended illnesses and my sister after a very short battle with pancreatic cancer, losing the three of them in less than eight months. Karl has been my emotional support in this very emotionally and difficult time. He was there to hold me up when I was not sure how to continue on and reminded me of my faith when I was at my lowest. I don’t know how I could’ve survived to live on without his love and strength to carry me when I was so emotionally exhausted.
Karl is a true gift from God and the love of my life.💕

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Pay Murray Avatar
Pay Murray Avatar
Pay Murray
- September 06, 2018 00:46
Karl is the kind an generous person I know an has a great sense of humor. Deserves a real time out!!

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