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Kay C.

Monroe, OH


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Nominated By: Chase C.

Why is Kay the Center of Your Universe?

She is my mom and she has done everything in the world for me. She is the strongest person I have ever known. She beat cancer twice, survived major heart surgery, and lived with chronic kidney disease for years. I have never seen her give up. She is currently battling a severe infection (sepsis, pneumonia) and fighting to survive once again.

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Kathy Mamula  Avatar
Kathy Mamula  Avatar
Kathy Mamula
- August 24, 2018 20:25
An amazing Mom and Grandma who has touched many lives ❤️
Chase Conley Avatar
Chase Conley Avatar
Chase Conley
- September 05, 2018 22:59
Sadly, she passed away on Sunday Aug 26 surrounded by family and friends. Thanks to all who voted.

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